Advantages and disadvantages of memory foam mattress:

By | March 19, 2019

The memory foam mattress has established itself in the world, as a real revolution from its appearance on the market. Today, this same high-resilience foam is designed to help as many people as possible take off for dreamland in the best conditions. Memory mattresses have a lot of advantages that we will see here. We will also check out its disadvantages.

Advantages of memory foam mattress:

In any case, the memory foam mattress is strongly recommended for people who are likely to suffer from allergies.

•    The memory foam perfectly shapes the contours of the body of each sleeper to better marry his morphology and his movements in the bed. The memory mattress ensures a restful sleep thanks to a comfort assured by the support of each part of the body. The foam acts as a cocoon and provides a perfect fit.

•    The memory foam mattress is perfect for couples. Why? Because it guarantees great independence of sleeping! In practice, you can go to bed after your companion without the risk of waking up when you slip between the sheets.

•    With a memory mattress, each sleeper has his own area and therefore no longer has to undergo the movements of the other person with whom he shares the bed. Especially with a mattress memory springs

•    Perfect when you share your bed with someone who has restless sleep! And if your partner gets up before you, you can continue to dream as if nothing had happened.

•    This revolutionary feature allows the sleeping season to adopt an ideal temperature that will not only promote sleep but also avoid awakenings at night and provide optimal rest.

Disadvantages of memory foam mattress:

•    It has long been inadvisable for people who sweat a lot to sleep on a memory foam mattress because the foam reacts to heat and maintains body temperature. However, new technologies such as cool-gel foam mattresses help to regulate the temperature and provide a cooler and revitalizing sleep, specially adapted for heat-sensitive people.

The advantages and disadvantages of a memory foam mattress are summed up: the shape memory mattress completely conforms to the shape of your body, adapting itself to your body shape, as if it were designed specifically for you. It regulates the temperature during the night, as the seasons go by, promotes a healthy sleep thanks to an anti-mite treatment, relieves the pressure points and thus removes the risk of lumber or other pain. Finally, it offers real independence for sleeping for couples.

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